Photo & copyright by:   Constantine Mifsud, Rabat, Malta

Eulimella acicula (Philippi, 1836) [Melania]

Subclass: HETEROBRANCHIA  Gray, J.E., 1840
Order: HETEROSTROPHA  Fischer, P., 1883 
Superfamily:  PYRAMIDELLOIDEA  Gray, J.E., 1840 
Family: PYRAMIDELLIDAE  Gray, J.E., 1840 
Genus: Eulimella  Gray, J.E., 1847 
Species: Eulimella acicula (Philippi, 1836) [Melania
Picture details:
Size: 2,5 mm 
Depth: 40 m 
Date: Aug. 1998 
Country: Malta 
Village: Mgarr 
Place: Gnejna Bay 

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Eulimella acicula
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