Polybranchia viridis (Deshayes, 1857) [Hermaea]

Class: Gastropoda  Cuvier, 1797
Subclass: Heterobranchia  J.E. Gray, 1840
Clade: Euthyneura  Spengel, 1881
Superorder: Panpulmonata  Jörger et al., 2010
Order: Sacoglossa  von Ihering, 1876
Suborder: Plakobranchacea  Jensen, 1996
Superfamily: Limapontioidea  J.E. Gray, 1847
Family: Caliphyllidae  Tiberi, 1881
Genus: Polybranchia  Pease, 1860
Species: Polybranchia viridis (Deshayes, 1857) [Hermaea]

Previously placed in:
Class: GASTROPODA  Cuvier, 1797
Subclass: OPISTHOBRANCHIA  Milne-Edwards, 1848
Order: SACOGLOSSA  von Ihering, 1876

Jörger et al. (2010) have moved Sacoglossa to the superorder Panpulmonata.
Jörger, Stöger, Kano, Fukuda, Knebelsberger & Schrödl (2010).
On the origin of Acochlidia and other enigmatic euthyneuran gastropods, with implications for the systematics
of Heterobranchia.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 323. online at http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2148/10/323

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Polybranchia viridis

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