Photo & copyright by: Bernard E. Picton, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Felimare villafranca (Risso, 1818) [Doris]
Picton labelled it Hypselodoris gracilis (Rapp, 1827),
which is according to Ortea et. al. (1996) one of the "Sinonímias primarias": Doris gracilis Rapp, 1827.
This picture looks exactly like Figura 16 D, which shows a juvenile.

Photo details:
size: 15 mm
depth: 0 m (intertidal)
date: July 1978
country: Spain
location: Galicia
dive site: Ria de Arosa
thumbnail-selection of
Felimare villafranca
  taxonomy of
Felimare villafranca


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