Foto & copyright: Wayne Ellis, Glasshouse Mountains Qld, Australien

Verconia sp. 01  Gattung: Pruvot-Fol, 1931

Description by Wayne Ellis:

Noumea sp. Coleman 1989 

Found at Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia. Like much of the world's fauna & flora, little if anything is known about the habits or lifestyle of this species. 

Photographic equipment: Nikonos lV-A, 35mm lens with 2:1 extension tubes and Aqua-Sea Strobe. Kodak Kodochrome 64 film. Image digitially enhanced.

Coleman, N. 1989. Nudibranchs of the South Pacific, p 41 and back cover.

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Verconia sp. 01
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Verconia sp. 01


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